Student events

Scientific quiz

Are you willing to meet and discuss with other PhD students during the conference? We got you covered: participate in our fantastic scientific quiz!

The concept is easy: PhD students having a poster and willing to participate, will be asked to provide one question about their topic, and a picture of them. We will gather all the questions and create a quiz that we will share with all the PhD students during the conference. Your goal? Reply to as many questions as possible by recognizing the doctoral student from the picture and by having a chat with him or her to get the correct answer. The winner will get a little surprise… 

Meet the PI

Are you willing to ask advice to research experts of our field on how to succeed in becoming an independent scientist or how to manage work-life balance? Would you like to know more about their current research, or what are their next scientific challenges? Don’t miss the Meet the PIs mentoring session. On Tuesday June 28th, have your breakfast with a senior researcher and discuss informally in small groups about research and/or career.

Student evening

The student networking event will take place on Sunday, 26th June and it is included in the registration fee. Please make sure you register for the event during the registration process.
Date: 26th June, 2022, 19:30
Venue: No Mercado restaurant, Market Ferreira Borges, R. da Bolsa 22
Event open to students exclusively!
Relaxed networking event, lot of music, Portuguese food… and ice breaker game!

Speed dating

Are you excited for the conference… but also a bit scared to meet people or just always keen on participating in a fun activity?
During the student evening, the student committee is preparing a small break-the-ice game.
If you are willing to participate, please let us know during the registration process.
You will get a few cards with questions on different topics. You will then have a few minutes to chat with another PhD student about one of the questions you like.
Listen for the bell: this means you will have to change your partner! 
We are looking forward to meeting you there! 

International Symposium on Research and Entrepreneurship

Within the scope of the ESB 2022 congress, we are organizing the International Symposium on Research and Entrepreneurship, which aims to be a forum for the congress participants to discuss the innovation, technology and societal impact related to Biomechanics.